Flip Flop´s FAQs / Common Questions

Flip Flops Clambake´s packages are based on 5 hours of service with 2 hours of set-up/ prep, 2 hours of buffet food service and 1 hour of clean-up/ breakdown. Flip Flop´s friendly staff will arrive 2 hours before you would like your food available. The staff will set up the buffet tables and prepare the food.

Flip Flops will provide all paper plates, plastic utensils, platters, paper napkins, disposable buffet table covers and any necessary cooking equipment.

The buffet is designed to be available for 2 hours. During that 2 hours Flip Flop´s staff will be replenishing the food on the buffet and picking up any paper plates to throw away. After the 2 hours of buffet, Flip Flops will start to break down and clean up to leave.

If you need help with any additional services, please talk with your sale representative prior to your event. Flip Flops is able and willing to help you with anything, including providing table, chair and linen rentals, china, silverware, bar service, liquor, tenting, floral centerpieces, décor and entertainment.

Common Questions

Can I substitute an item?
Unfortunately substitutions are not allowed. The packages have been carefully structured to give the best possible pricing available. You are welcome to add to the menu from our a la Carte menu.

Are there a minimum number of guests?
Yes. The minimum number of guests is 75.

What if I have fewer guests than the minimum?
Flip Flops will be more than willing to work with you on your event for fewer than the minimum number. Please speak with our Flip Flop representative for more details.

What do I do about seating?
Flip Flops can help you rent tables and chairs. Or you can talk to a local party rental company. (Additional staffing fees and rental fees will apply)

Do I need a tent?
Sometimes you do, sometimes you don´t. It depends on your budget and how much comfort you want to provide to your guests. Flip Flops can help arrange for tenting or you can talk with your local tenting company.

How will my food be served?
All the food from the package you have picked is designed to be cooked on a grill or propane burners. All food will be put on a buffet table on platters or bowls. Some items will be put in chafing dished or soup kettles to keep them warm.

Does Flip Flops have bartenders?
Yes. Flip Flops can provide you with bartending service. The minimum charge for bar service is $155 + $1.50 /person for liquor liability – for the 5 hours which includes 1 ½ – 2 hours of set up, 2 – 2 ½ hours of Bar Service and 1 Hour of clean up/ break down.

Can I buy alcoholic beverages from Flip Flops?
Unfortunately NO – Flip Flops does not have a liquor license, therefore we cannot sell liquor. However we can arrange to have liquor delivered to you. We work with a few local liquor stores who will deliver whatever you would like to serve. Then after the event the liquor company will come back to pick up what was not used or opened. They will then send you a bill, which you will pay directly to the liquor company. This way you are only billed for what was opened or consumed and you are not left with an abundance of liquor. Please ask you sale representative to help you with this convenience.

What is included in the package?
Each package is based on 5 Hours of service including set-up/ prep time, food service time and clean-up/ break down time Each food item that you have chosen will be on the buffet. Flip Flops will provide 2 buffet tables, 2 disposable table covers, all the paper plates, plastic utensils, platters, paper napkins, plastic cups for package beverages, and any necessary cooking equipment.

Are there travel charges for the staff?
There is not a travel charge for events within 50 miles of downtown Boston. There will be a Travel Charge for those events outside the 50 mile radius.

What if I want china plates, silverware and glasses?
NO PROBLEM! Flip Flops is delighted to assist you with that. Because these items do fall outside of the usual Flip Flop package prices, additional staffing and rental charges will be added to your package price.

How does Flip Flops figure in the additional staffing needed for rentals of china, silverware, and glassware? What will our rentals cost?
1 server to 20 Guests when Tables & Chairs or China & Glassware is added to your package

Additional Staffing Charges 40 – 75 Guests at $25/hour per server added
76+ Guests at $23/hour per server added
Additional Rental Charges Tables, Chairs, Linen … $8.00/person
China, Glassware & Flatware … $6.00/person
Full Rental (tables & china et el) … $14.00/person
Basic Flip Flops Staffing Structure One server per 20-50 guests
Rentals Added Staffing Structure One server to 20 guests

What if I want to extend the service?
We are more than happy to accommodate your event time needs. If you would like to extend the service beyond Flip Flops minimum service time, please talk with your sales representative in the planning process. If you choose to extend the service the day of the event – you will be billed the appropriate staff hour charges.

What if I want to provide my own beer, wine and soda, but I don´t want to serve it?
Flip Flops can provide Bartending Service for and additional charge of $155 for 5 hours + $1.50/person liquor liability.

Can my friends bring food for Flip Flops to cook?
Unfortunately, NO. Flip Flops cannot cook or platter any food a guest may bring due to health code and liability issues.

What happens if it rains?
[Answer 1:] Flip Flops will arrive rain or shine, unless a rain date has been previously discussed. The rain date must be scheduled up to two days later than the original date, and the Rain postponement must be made the day before the scheduled date, so that Flip Flops can make necessary staffing changes.

[Answer 2:] If you decide to postpone due to rain please call your representative no less than 12 hours before your event. You must SPEAK with your representative (sorry NO VOICE MAIL). Rescheduling is contingent upon Flip Flops availability. We cannot guarantee your rain date.

What if I need help setting up tables and chairs?
If you choose to make arrangements for chair and table rentals you will be responsible for setting up the tables & chairs. You can pay a small fee for Flip Flops to set up the tables and chairs you have rented.  If Flip Flops arranges the tables and chairs, Flip Flops will be responsible to set up the tables and chairs.

How do I secure a date for my party?
Give Flip Flop´s a call to discuss which package you would like to serve.
Flip Flops will send you a proposal.
If you feel that you would like to work with us – give us a call, let us know you would like to work with us.
Your Flip Flop representative will send you a contract.
Once you review, sign and send a 50% deposit for your event – YOU ARE BOOKED!

How do I determine a serving time?
Your Flip Flop Representative will discuss with you when you call what time your guests are arriving and what time you would like to serve them.  In order to serve your guests the highest quality food, it is necessary for all of your guests to be present at your designated serving time. Once the Flip Flop´s Team is on site and you choose to delay serving time for more than 30 minutes and additional charge for each team member will be incurred.
Our Team will arrive 2 hours before your serving time.

How will I be billed?
You will be asked to pay a 50% deposit based on the estimated guest count you provided when you initially called. That 50% deposit will be applied to your final balance after we receive a final guest count.  The final invoice will be emailed to you 2-3 days before your event and you will need to provide final payment the day of the event.

When do I need to give a guarantee final guest count?
We ask for a final guest count 5 business days prior to your event.

What do I provide?
If you want to provide beverages, seating, tenting, games, music it´s all up to you. Flip Flops can help you with anything and everything you want to provide your guests. Be creative. Challenge us. Nothing is too challenging for Flip Flops.

What if I want to add an Item to the package?
You can add anything to your packages. Flip Flops has an extensive A La Carte menu to choose from. We do ask for a minimum number of orders based on your final count.

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